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Book of Ra Deluxe 4.64 out of 5 based on 11 ratings.
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The Book of Ra Deluxe slot game is one of the latest and greatest creations from Novomatic Games, a well-known name in the online gaming industry that is famous for its excellent gaming experiences and thorough game information.

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Ra, in this case, is the Sun God of Ancient Egypt, and this in turn is the theme for the entire game, featuring everything from pyramids to Tutankhamen and other famous pharaohs. While it is a popular theme for many slot games, it has never been implemented quite as well as on Book of Ra, which combines intuitive play along ten pay lines on a five reel slot board with one of the most interesting bonus games of any slots.

This bonus game is reached by matching three Book of Ra symbols along any of the five reels and in any order – not necessarily linked. The special symbol also fulfils the role of wild card in the game, meaning that it can take the form of any symbol to enhance pay outs. When three are successfully matched, the player is automatically credited with ten free spins and taken out of the normal game, and on to the bonus game. There, the free spins are automatically played, but with a difference to the standard game.

Firstly, the likelihood of seeing a Book of Ra symbol is increased during a bonus game. This has two effects. Players will notice many more opportunities to make use of the wild card function, and so will often see increased pay outs due to the versatility of the symbol. It also means that once they are in the bonus game, it is even more likely that they will stay there, as the process of matching three Book of Ra symbols continues, where every successful spin adds a further ten free spins to the game.

Secondly, and most importantly to set the bonus game apart from competitors, is the expanding symbol. One symbol from a winning spin is chosen at random and allocated increased importance, denoted by enhanced graphics and a separate background. This symbol becomes like no other in the game. It is no longer just a single symbol occupying one place on the reels. When it lands, it expands to cover the entire reel, meaning it is possible to increase wins across multiple pay lines, whereas on the normal game it would only affect one or two lines. This enhanced symbol changes every time the player wins ten free spins, meaning that it can alter within the bonus game itself as well as during conventional play.


The bonus game ends when all free spins have been used. Players are presented with a screen informing them of the total prize from the bonus game and the number of spins used. The increased likelihood of seeing a Book of Ra symbol means that there is a very real chance of the number of spins often exceeding the original ten. Upon acknowledging this screen, players are returned to the normal game, and play resumes as before.

As mentioned, Novomatic Games are well known for their excellent all-round gaming experiences, from layout and design to playability and supporting information. In the case of Book of Ra, this supporting information can be found by clicking the ‘more info’ button from within the game itself. Players can watch specially created animations of normal play, the bonus game and the significance of both the Book of Ra symbols and the expanding symbols. It is also through the ‘more info’ link that players can view the dynamically updated pay table. This table originally opens with values based on the existing coin value of each line, but the player can modify this value while the table is open, and pay out numbers will also change. Unlike many competing games, these values are listed in the player’s currency of choice, rather than as points or coins, ensuring that the information is not only dynamic, but also truly useful.

The pay table pages also incorporate the RPP, or return to player percentage. This number is of most interest to many serious online casino players, as it dictates on average how much money they can expect back from what is entered, and conversely the cut taken by the casino. At 96.99%, Book of Ra’s RPP is among the highest to be found anywhere online, and this figure is simply the icing on the cake on top of the excellent playability, reliability and enjoyment to be had by playing the slot.

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